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Returnal Trainer

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  • 17.02.2023
About the trainer

Download Returnal Trainer with more then 10 cheat options. This trainer for Returnal is hotsted on our servers and ready to download on your PC.

About Returnal

After crash-landing on this ever-changing planet, Selene must traverse the desolate landscape of a long-forgotten civilization in search of her escape. Alone and isolated, she must battle for survival, only to be defeated and forced to start her journey anew each time she perishes. Through intense roguelike gameplay, you'll find that the planet and the items available to you alter with each cycle. Every loop brings new combinations, pushing you to expand your limits and devise a different strategy for combat. The dark beauty of the crumbling world is brought to life with stunning visuals, filled with unexpected explosions. From intense, bullet hell-style combat to unexpected twists and turns through contrasting environments, you'll explore, uncover and fight your way through a relentless journey, where the unknown lurks around every corner.

10 cheat options

Unlimited Health
Set Player Speed
Max Adrenaline
Add Obolites
Add Keys
Add Ether
No Reload
One-Hit Kills
Set Game Speed

Download Returnal Trainer for PC

How to download and use Returnal Trainer on PC?

Follow this simple steps:

  1. Click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button above.
  2. Download and Install the Returnal Trainer on your PC.
  3. Run the trainer and Returnal game.
  4. Now you can use the trainer, activate avaliable cheats and play!

Is Returnal Trainer safe for my PC?

Absolutely yes, Returnal Trainer is 100% safe. The application is checked by our team and popular websites as VirusTotal. Sometimes and some antiviruses might detect the trainer as virus (usually few detects, up to 2), but it is completely safe. Due to it's nature it can be detected as false positive. Just ignore this an run the app.