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Hearts of Iron IV Trainer

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  • 14.12.2022
About the trainer

Download Hearts of Iron IV Trainer with more then 28 cheat options. This trainer for Hearts of Iron IV is hotsted on our servers and ready to download on your PC.

About Hearts of Iron IV

The game Hearts of Iron IV challenges players to face the brutal conflict of World War II in a grand strategy game where history can be fully relived or rewritten from the perspective of a global superpower attempting to change the world.

28 cheat options

To change a country first activate trainer then select the country you want on the map then press the hotkey Watch the Video here Link
Stored supplies will set the things under Logistics to 1.5million , You must have a production of the required supplies such as tanks or equipment.
Unlimited Command Power
Unlimited Convoy
Super Factories Limit
Fast National Focus
Fast Research
Unlimited Resources
Super Production
Unlimited Organization
Unlimited Fuel
God Mode
Fast Construction
Instant Movement
Unlimited Stored Supplies
Instant Railways
Enable Ironman Console
Unlimited Air Exp
Unlimited Navy Exp
Unlimited Army Exp
Unlimited Nukes
Unlimited ManPower
Unlimited Political Power
No World Tension
Unlimited Stability
Low Occupation Resistance
Instant War Goal
Fast Recruiting

Download Hearts of Iron IV Trainer for PC

How to download and use Hearts of Iron IV Trainer on PC?

Follow this simple steps:

  1. Click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button above.
  2. Download and Install the Hearts of Iron IV Trainer on your PC.
  3. Run the trainer and Hearts of Iron IV game.
  4. Now you can use the trainer, activate avaliable cheats and play!

Is Hearts of Iron IV Trainer safe for my PC?

Absolutely yes, Hearts of Iron IV Trainer is 100% safe. The application is checked by our team and popular websites as VirusTotal. Sometimes and some antiviruses might detect the trainer as virus (usually few detects, up to 2), but it is completely safe. Due to it's nature it can be detected as false positive. Just ignore this an run the app.

Game Information
  • Platform: PC
  • Developers: Paradox Development Studio
  • Publishers: Paradox Interactive
  • Release date: Jun 6, 2016
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