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Quake 4

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  • 07.06.2024
About the trainer

Download Quake 4 with more then 17 cheat options. This trainer for Trainers is hotsted on our servers and ready to download on your PC.

17 cheat options

Title - Quake 4
Options - 4
Date - 24/10/05
Run the trainer before or during the game and press
the corresponding hotkey for the desired effect.
F1 Infinite Health - Gives you infinite health
F2 Infinite Armour - Gives you infinite Armour
F3 Infinite Ammo - Gives you infinite ammo
F6 Enemy No Fire - This will disable all attacks from enemies
F7 Enemt no fire off - Turns the above off.
F8 Everything Off - Turns all cheats off
No Special notes this release.
Kimra Tekal, Siku, ives, [sheep], cncr04s, Mephisto.
Tested on win2k/xp

Download Quake 4 for PC

How to download and use Quake 4 on PC?

Follow this simple steps:

  1. Click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button above.
  2. Download and Install the Quake 4 on your PC.
  3. Run the trainer and Trainers game.
  4. Now you can use the trainer, activate avaliable cheats and play!

Is Quake 4 safe for my PC?

Absolutely yes, Quake 4 is 100% safe. The application is checked by our team and popular websites as VirusTotal. Sometimes and some antiviruses might detect the trainer as virus (usually few detects, up to 2), but it is completely safe. Due to it's nature it can be detected as false positive. Just ignore this an run the app.